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Title and new trailer for upcoming Mazinger Z movie announced

Finally! A title and new trailer for the upcoming Mazinger Z movie has been revealed

Toei’s Kamen Rider Build hits this September

Toei's next installment to the Kamen Rider franchise is Kamen Rider Build, and it's all about combining stuff.The main character of the series this...

Toei reveals Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, celebrating the franchise’s 45th anniversary

Toei recently announced the next instalment of its Kamen Rider series, called Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, inspired by video games.The series would be celebrating the...
Kamen Rider Atsume

You can now collect Kamen Rider, Neko Atsume style

If you enjoyed Neko Atsume and are a big fan of Kamen Rider, you now get to attract and "collect" the riders in the...

New trailer and casts for Digimon Adventure tri revealed

The 6-part Digimon film series, Digimon Adventure tri, has a new teaser and the voice actors have been revealed as well

Toei announces the main lead of Kamen Rider Ghost

New installment to the Kamen Rider series will include historical figures as powers