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The Dancing Baby Groot figurine is coming!

You can thank Funko, the makers of the cutesy POP! figurines for bringing our favourite dancing tree into our homes

Want to buy a RM57,600 EVA Unit-01 statue from 7 Eleven?

Too bad it's only available in Japan and there's only 25 units available

Optimus Prime goes camo with Transformer X BAPE collaboration

Our favourite Big Bot gets a repaint in this collaboration with BAPE
R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

Perfect timing: The Star Wars R2-D2 kitchen timer

Make the perfect cookies for the Rebels, every single time.

Brick-a-Pic: Immortalise your selfie into Lego artwork

Put those selfies to good use. Get them Lego-fied!
Batman Lego

‘Dark Knight’ Batmobile gets LEGO treatment

The Dark Knight's Batmobile gets bricked.