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vainglory world championship 2017

The Vainglory World Championship 2017 – Singapore

The Vainglory World Championship heads to Singapore this 2017
vain glory infamous x renegade

Esport organisation Renegades dips foot into Vainglory by acquiring Team Infamous

South East Asian Vainglory team Infamous has struck it big by being acquired by well-known esports organisation Renegades

Singapore to host Vainglory world championship finals in December

Singapore is going to play host to the second world championship finals for Vainglory at the end of this year, with a US$140,000 prize pool!The...

Jakarta to play host to biggest Vainglory eSports event in SEA

The toughest competitors in the Southeast Asian region are converging in Indonesia for Vainglory's Summer 2017 Southeast Asia Championship that's happening in Jakarta!In collaboration...

Singapore to host Vainglory World Championships and they’ve nixed the latency issues

Vainglory is getting a nifty update, and the announcement has more than just patch notes!The first tasty bit of news is that the 2017...