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The Oculus Rift

After dropping hints that the Oculus Rift was going to be a lot more expensive than originally guessed, they finally revealed the price for...

Sony recently unveiled a whole slew of new games that are going to be on their PlayStation VR virtual reality platform on the PS4....

Looks like the platforming action MMORPG MapleStory is headed to VR, with Nexon showcasing a demo of their next game in the franchise. Named MapleStoryVR, the game...

Bandai Namco recently showcased Tekken 7 at Paris Games Week, announcing the fighting game for home systems (PS4) at the same time. The home version...
The Mattel View-Master

We're at an age when Virtual Reality is picking up a lot of steam, and Mattel has taken the oppertunity to revamp their View-Master...
The Oculus Rift

The next gen Oculus Rift is probably going to cost more than $350 when it ships, much more than the original rumoured $299

The Unlimited Hand controller aims to bring physical feedback to VR

Samsung's Oculus made gets a price cut. At US$99 we're now looking at a cheaper Gear VR that almost anyone can get

Steven Spielberg is confirmed to be in Ready Player One with Warner Bros.

Gratuitous space battles in VR!

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