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Samsung brings VR to the masses with cheaper Gear VR

Samsung's Oculus made gets a price cut. At US$99 we're now looking at a cheaper Gear VR that almost anyone can get

Steven Spielberg is set on Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg is confirmed to be in Ready Player One with Warner Bros.

Eve brings arcade shooting VR fun with Gunjack teaser

Gratuitous space battles in VR!

This Star Wars VR pitch would make the perfect game

Please LucasArts, let this happen

The Avegant Glyph headset lets you enjoy movies in a whole new way

The Avegant Glyph video headset now has an almost-finalized production model that is going to hit the market later this year.

Sony shows off new Project Morpheus VR headset

Sony pops out a new version of their PlayStation 4 powered virtual reality headset Project Morpheus.

Samsung goes virtual reality with its new Gear VR

This headset will transform the Galaxy Note 4 into a virtual reality displaying machine. How's that for innovation?