Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future day (21 October 2015) has come and gone and we’re pretty sure some fans out there have been pretty disappointed with the lack of progress our our present is compared to the the 2nd movie. Maybe we ought to drown our sorrows by rewatching the entire trilogy. TGV cinemas, is now giving you the opportunity to do that as they’re going to hold Back to the Future marathon, playing the entire trilogy back to back.

The screening will be held on the 7th and 8th of November at only three TGV cinema branches in Malaysia, mainly TGV 1 Utama, TGV Suria KLCC and TGV Sunway Pyramid. Both the TGV 1 Utama and TGV Suria KLCC branches will be screening on both 7th and 8th November at 5pm and 2pm respectively, while the TGV Sunway Branch will only be holding the trilogy marathon screening on Sunday 2pm.

Bookings for the screening can already be done on TGV’s webpage and considering the amount of fans and the limited places and times this marathon is being held, we highly suggest that you try to make your bookings now, before tickets run out.

After 30 years since the first Back to the Future movie was released, there’s still some magic in seeing the whole trilogy, what’s more back-to-back. Just make sure you’ve trained your bladder so you won’t have to go for a pee break throughout the entire 360 minute screening!