If you’ve been missing the Game Boy from your childhood, you will be able to snag yourself what’s essentially a slightly-souped up Game Boy from Retro Bit!

Arguably the most popular handheld console from yesteryear, the Game Boy is vivid in a lot of gamer’s memory, being one of the first handhelds they probably owned. It’s also prevalent enough in pop culture that even if you didn’t have one, you’d recognise it.

The Super Retro Boy, as this “new” console has been named, is essentially a clone of the original Game Boy with a few minor tweaks. It still looks and behaves very much like a Game Boy, but is able to accept cartridges from the original Game Boy, Game Boy Colour AND Game boy Advance. It will also pack a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery that can run for up to ten hours, and a shatter-resistant TFT HD display.

The Super Retro Boy will debut August 2017 at USD$80 (about RM357), but the brand also has other similarly upgraded consoles if you have a different retro itch to scratch.

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