Looks like the new The Mummy film is getting  some accompanying material in the form of four one-shot manga “episodes” to be published on Comic Smart’s free manga website Ganma!

Collectively titled The Mummy- Dark Stories, these are tie-in stories to the Mummy film that starred Tom Cruise. It will be tied directly to the film’s world and set in London as it is engulfed in a sandstorm creatured by Ahmanet and the dead rise from the grave.

The first manga will be drawn by Asahi Tsukishita (Tokyo Dragon Night), and it will be out 15 July.

The second would be worked on by Yutori Houjyou and Kako Mochizuki (Ningyo Toge), to be released 22 July.

The third will be drawn by Azumi Mochizuki (Hofuku no Susume, Tokyo Ravens: Red and White) which hits 23 July.

The last spinoff will be handled by Yuichi Bessho (Meikyu Mansion) and it will release 29 July.

The Mummy will open in Japan come 28 July, titled The Mummy: Norowareta Sabaku no Ojo/The Mummy: The Princess of the Cursed Desert.