So who should take over Kate Beckinsale and wear Selen's leathers now?
So who should take over Kate Beckinsale and wear Selen's leathers now?
So who should take over Kate Beckinsale and wear Selen’s leathers now?

Werewolves vs vampires, now there’s a formula that never gets old and the Underworld series of movies had managed to make some relative success out of it. Of course the good dose of action and the lovely Miss Beckinsale also had a good hand in the movie’s success. Now though, it seems that time has passed enough that the whole movie series warrants a reboot.

According The Holywood Reporter, Lakeshore Entertainment which holds the rights to Underworld is going ahead with a reboot of the series and has hired Cory Goodman as the scriptwriter. If you’re wondering just who he is, Goodman penned the script for the 2011 movie adaptation of the Korean manhwa, Priest. Though as far experiences go, that’s all he has to his portfolio with one more script for the upcoming Vin Diesel movie, The Last Witch Hunter. Considering the general reception of Priest, when it came out, we’re wondering if that’s a good idea. Of course it’s still too early to say if Goodman’s copy will be the final script as things can change.

The last Underworld moview was Underworld: Awakening in 2012 so it has barely been two year and they’ve already decided to go for a reboot. Heck it’s just slightly over 10 years since the first movie came out in 2003 so we’re guessing Lakeshore Entertainment must be really dry for new movie ideas, or they still think that can beat out more life and money from the undead body of the Underworld series. Then again, when the franchise has grossed US$458.2 million worldwide, who wouldn’t want to squeeze even more out of it.

Since it’s still in script production stage, there isn’t any news on who else is going to be involved though Lakeshore Entertainment founder Tom Rosenberg and President, Gary Lucchesi will be producing the movie.

So what do you think? Should Underworld be rebooted and if yes, who should fill Kate Beckinsale’s shoes?

Source: The Holywood Reporter