The first wave of the official League of Legends four inch vinyl figures cometh, in their super-cute glory.


Recently added to the Riot merch store, the first 15 figures capture the essence of popular characters that should be very familiar to players of the game in pretty good detail. Of the heroes that are coming out in this batch are Gangplank, Darius, Vi, Jax, Gragus, Katarina, Jinx, Kog’maw, Miss Fortune, Leona, Kha’zix, Cho’gath, Garen, Nautilus and Nami. Hopefully we get to see the rest of the heroes in the next wave but they aren’t exactly cheap at $25 a pop (RM 90).


Here’s hoping the next wave at least has Amumu, and that we get them soon. In the mean time, maybe check out their plushies too.

Via Kotaku