Recent revelations about Captain America’s past and motivations in Marvel comics have caused an uproar on the internet as fans lash out at this unwanted change to a much-beloved character. To help you get over any trauma here’s 5 equally crazy changes to comics characters that were forgotten about almost as quickly as they were thought up.

If you hadn’t heard already the launch issue of Marvel’s Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 contains scenes that seem to indicate that Captain America has been working for villains hydra his entire superhero career! Even his cinematic counterpart isn’t too happy about this change.

While we’re pretty sure that this is going to turn out to be some form brain-washing, or a clone (or a Skrull) or… (deep breath)… the result of Steve having been recently de-aged from being an old man via sentient Cosmic Cube (!!?), we’re guessing that he’ll be back to the Captain America we know and love in a relatively short time. Even if he isn’t and this change sticks somehow, it’s it’s worth remembering at times like these that comics can be WEIRD, especially the longest running ones. Here’s 5 equally crazy changes to comics characters that have thankfully been mostly forgotten about. Note: We’re not counting the many deaths/rebirths of characters or pretty much any silver age weirdness in this list. For the former, we’d be here all week just dealing with Jean Grey, and as for the latter, when your “regular” content consists of Superman gaining the ability shoot a tiny version of himself out of his hand, or Lois Lane switching race it’s kind of difficult to get angry about unexpected changes to characters.