We love our anime here at THG but every year there just seems to be so many news ones (not to mention second, third, or ongoing seasons) coming out. So just what should we be watching? This summer season has been one of the most anticipated yet with an exciting line-up serving almost every type of fan base there is. From sports and mecha for the guys, to angsty romantic dramas for the gals, there’s plenty to keep all you otakus indoors and entertained. So in no particular order, here are our top five picks of new anime titles this season. Some of them are already ongoing but hey that’s even better since you won’t have to wait in anticipation for the next episodes. So seriously, watch them cause you definitely don’t want to miss them.

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Akame Ga Kill!

This summer's must watch hack and slash anime
This summer’s must watch hack and slash anime

Action fans will be psyched as there’s plenty of hacking and slashing in this summer’s batch of anime titles but Akame Ga Kill’s fast action swordplay is definitely the one to watch. Based on a manga serialized by Square Enix, Akame Ga Kill centres on Tatsumi a fighter who travels to the imperial city in order to save his village from poverty. Unfortunately, when he arrives, he finds nothing but corruption and chooses to team up with a wanted group, known as Night Raid, to fight against the city’s evil leaders. Each member of the group is armed with special weapons called Teigu that give the wielder unique fighting styles and powers. Night Raid has a total of six members including Tatsumi with personalities that appeal to the masses watchers making this one a must see for all fans.

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A must watch for: Fans of the manga and if you need a fix for some action anime with a decent story

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  • Algojyo

    Aldonoah Zero defies the basic rule of typical Mobile Suit Anime series whereby the MC is provided with the most obsolete Mobile Suit but still managed to defeat boss class’s mobile suit…
    Recommended for Mobile Suit lovers…..