What is it?

Imagine a world where intent for a crime or even your prediliction for crime (without committing it) can be punished. Sounds pretty Minority Report right? Throw in some good anime sensibilities and what you get is Psycho-Pass. Although the premise might sound similar to the Philip K. Dick story (an one time Tom Cruise movie), Psycho-Pass has enough elements in it to stand on its own

Written by Gen Urobochi, the series follows characters Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami and rest of Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau Criminal Investigation Division in a authortarian dystopian Japan somewhere in the near future. It’s a Japan where citizens can be arrested if he/she has an improper psychological state. The governing system behind these is called the Sibyll which forms the center of narrative in the story. One side tries to protect it, while another seeks to undermine it.

Shogo vs Okami

Why watch it?

With shades of Minority Report, Gattaca, Blade Runner and Equilibirium (which incidentally, the first fan-fiction by writer himself), the series is violent, dark and personal. You’ll find that Psycho-Pass, like Ghost in the Shell asks the same questions, what it means to be human. If the former looks at the outer layer in search for answers, this one tries to dive into the psyche to do the same.The answers in the series is often unsettling and shocking to the viewers as the director Naoyoshi Shiotani himself admitted that he will not let his young children to watch it.

However, this makes a compelling and immersive watch as the characters have to sort out their own locus of control while confronting formidable enemies like Shogo Makishima who mocks the system. The battle between free will and pre-destination is a very strong theme in the story with Akane herself have to balance between these two strong opposites to stay true to herself. With this complex morality play, you’ll find that Psycho-Pass is one Sci-Fi anime that will pull you in deeper and deeper into its story.