1Mobile Suit Gundam (The UC universe)

What is it?

Gundam is perhaps one of the most famous Japanese sci-fi anime ever made. First broadcasted in 1979 with 43 episodes aired , it created a massive scale model industry with tons of sequels and spin-offs, fan derivative works, parodies and memes. Created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the original anime centered on the struggle of a young man (Amuro Ray) who tries to make sense of the madness of war while piloting the awesome Gundam mecha, an experimental weapon that could end the war.

The biggest theme of the Gundam anime (or at least the original UC universe) was on the futility of war and the damages it does to the people involved and around it. Not surprisingly that Tomino conceived the anime as a strong, anti-war vehicle. Even 30+ years on, newer additions and sequels to the original UC universe are being produced which continue on with this anti-war theme.

119 - Mobile Suit Gundam 0079

Why Watch it?

The ideas presented in the story are so universal and human, the appeal is immediate when it is married with hi-tech war machines like the Mobile Suits. Despite its toy origin, the characters have always been the main driver of the stories (at least in the UC universe) and that is something a lot of viewers can connect with.

Of course, another reason is the rich universe and continuity the original UC Gundam offers. With a wealth of intriguing characters, there is a lot that you can be easily invested in. And of course we can’t forget the mecha. The Gundam mecha are perhaps the most popular mecha designs ever with updates and different designs being made every year. And with a ton of kit models and toys available, it could just make any otaku drool.

And if you managed to finish every single attached media to the original UC universe, there’s also tons of subsequent spin-off Gundam universe, each of it which will continue to delight and intrigue viewers and fans to know end.