tree of savior

The spiritual successor to the wildly popular Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior is finally going to open up for open beta! They recently concluded their last closed beta test and are now ready to launch the game to the public. More details inside.

Open beta will bring quite a few changes. For starters, players can choose to start at a different starting city; Orsha or Klaipeda. The route will apparently be similar but the Orsha route will have new quests. Both routes will eventually bring players to Femidian, which we assume is a hub city like the Prontera of yore.

Aside from this, players will get to choose some new rank 7 classes which you can see below:

Tree of savior classes
From left to right: Dragoon, Warlock, Cannoneer, Templar, Featherfoot, Musketeer, Plague Doctor and Kabbalist

The level cap is also getting a bump up to level 280 with new areas and monsters, plus a guild system is getting implemented as well.

TOS-new dungeon

However to create a guild you will need to have a Templar and a sum of cash to get started. Once you have your guild, you can raise a guild tower that will provide you with both a hang out spot for your members as well as a place you can farm items and raise companions.

There will also be a lot of guild-related activities available like PVP, guild storage and warp service. You apparently can destroy enemy guild towers in a Guild War type event, however the devs say “There aren’t many things that can be obtained by winning this war so it would be good for everyone to get along well each other.” 


Last but not least, magic amulets will become available to characters above level 220. The items basically add buffs to weapons or armor they are attached to. We don’t know if they are permanent when attached though.


For a full list of details you check out their dev blog here.

So will you participate in the open beta? let us know in the comments.