Running up to the launch of the Power Rangers movie reboot, Twitch will be hosting an over two-week long maraton that runs through all 831 episodes of the original live-action TV series.

The marathon is available to anyone logging onto the site, and it will run until 30 March.

For those who are subscribed to the TwitchPresents channel will get special Power Rangers themed emotes, and other Twitch streamers are able to co-stream the marathon. Yep, you can even tune in to live commentary if you want to!

“Guided by feedback from our community, Twitch has been focusing on content beyond gaming that nurtures the culture around their interests,” Twitch product marketing director Annie Berrones said. “As an iconic sci-fi, superhero franchise that achieved legacy status over the past two decades, Power Rangers fits right into our community’s wheelhouse.”

You can catch the marathon here, enjoy plowing through 23 seasons!

Power Rangers hits theaters 23 March.

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