We got a chance to catch Ultraman Live in Genting, and here’s what we thought about the show!

I wasn’t a huge fan of Ultraman growing up, my memory extending mostly to Ultraman Tiga, which used to show on TV3 when I was a kid. Like many I simply grew up and mostly forgot about the franchise, but as I recently found out, the character belonged to a rich universe of characters and shows which likely deserves its own piece.

Regardless, when we got the chance to catch Ultraman Returns: Revenge of the Baltans, we snapped up the opportunity.

Here’s the synopsis and trailer:
Witness the titanic clash as 10 Ultra Fighters do battle against the Dark Heroes. Never before have so many Ultra Fighters been seen on stage in Malaysia. Who will win the war between good and evil?

The show’s premise is pretty simple, and it promises awesome choreography and special effects, which they actually delivered despite not using much in the way of physical props. There was some pyrotechnics too, and that’s always bonus points for flashyness.


As expected there was some high-flying stunts and the choreography was great, despite there being large numbers of Ultras on the stage at any given time. The show generally didn’t demand much in the way of props either, relying a lot on the screen and lighting effects.

The monsters and Ultras would actually head into the audience from time to time, and there were some sections where they got the audience involved, especially in the ending. There’s even appearances by a handful of iconic Ultra characters (and monsters) as well as the recurring alien race, the Baltans.


We won’t spoil you any futher but this is one show that any Ultraman fan shouldn’t miss. Oh and if you’re worried about the language barrier, don’t worry, the whole show is in English!

This is just part one too, with part two to show on the 7th of December, a direct continuation from part one. For more information, do check out the show overview here.

The show is available from now till early next year, with tickets starting from RM 58, with special tickets getting you an Ultraman watch. Ticket holders can also get merch for slightly cheaper, with official merch just outside the show.

If you’re curious about what the show looks like, do check out our gallery below!