Vegeta crying figure Bandai

Dragon Ball‘s Vegeta is a character that’s known to not show much vulnerability. He’s cocky, arrogant and can generally be known to be a total douche.Bandai however, has decided not to focus on these aspects of him in their latest figurine. Instead they have immortalised him doing one thing he’s not known for, crying.

The figure is from Bandai’s Next Vendor’s Innovation line and is inspired by the scene in Dragon Ball Z where he realised that he was no match for Frieza’s ultimate form. That scene in particular showcased Vegeta at his most vulnerable, crying and in fear, all that ego and arrogance stripped away. Bandai has decided that it’s something that they’d want immortalised in a figurine and to make it even more dramatic, they’ve even added a vibration feature to further showcase how afraid and in despair he was.

Called the HG Vegeta, the figurine is about 115mm high and comes with a special stand that produces the vibration to give the added despair and fear effect on Vegeta. Price at 4,949 yen, it’s expected to be available come June. Bandai’s Premium Bandai online store will be taking pre-orders for the figure on March 31.

So it’s about time one of anime’s greatest douches get’s the immortalisation he deserves. Now to find a laughing Frieza figure to put next to it.