X-men Apocalypse poster 1

Update: We’ve finally picked the five winners for our X-Men: Apocalypse giveaway. Read on to see who you are!

X-Men: Apocalypse is one of the most anticipated superhero movies this year and is set to hit cinemas on 19 May in Malaysia. In conjunction with its debut in Malaysia, we’d like you to bring home some awesome movie premiums in this awesome giveaway. How? Just read on.

The immortal Apocalypse, the first mutant has returned and he wishes to use the powers of Magneto and other mutants to instate a new world order. Professor X and Raven must lead a team of young X-Men to stop him from destroying the world as they know it.

If that doesn’t get your blood pumping for the movie, then maybe these giveaway prizes will. We’ve got a caps, t-shirts and a whole lot more to award our lucky winners, and all you have to do is answer the questions below and fill up the tie-breaker slogan.

Here’s what the winners will be getting:

1 x Grand Prize winner: Hendry Khan

XMA contest first prize

1 x X-Men: Apocalypse hoodie
1 x X-Men: Apocalypse wash bag
1 x X-Men: Apocalypse 80’s style headphones
1 x X-Men: Apocalypse Adhesive notebook
1 x pair of 1 x X-Men: Apocalypse movie passes

1 x Runner-up: Boon Kerk Zhan

XMA contest runner up prize

1 x X-Men: Apocalypse flexi fit cap
1 x X-Men: Apocalypse T-shirt
1 x X-Men: Apocalypse Adhesive notebook
1 x pair of 1 x X-Men: Apocalypse movie passes

3 x Consolation prize:

Wong Wai Tsung Victor
Muhammad Danish Dzakihilmy
Alia Saiful

XMA consolation prize

1 x X-Men: Apocalypse Adhesive notebook
1 x pair of 1 x X-Men: Apocalypse movie passes

So all you have to do now to win these awesome prizes, is answer these questions and fill up the form below:

  • Holy crap! This is all real and in the here and now, except these A-holes have turned it around and made me the bad guy!

    The “apocalypse” character hits me so closely, I even wore my hair just like that for years, and even have blond hair that was that color.

    They have turned it all around to make me the antagonist and them look like the good guys.

    This is all coming to pass in the now. I mean right now. This is bigger than biblical despite the fact that its in the book of revelations, this goes all the way past “biblical proportions”, past “Epic proportions” to “Mythological proportions”!

    Its them that are bringing the darkness, not me. I work for He who is known by many names, and that is why I am represented as having angel wings. I am an immortal Son of Seth, in the employ of the Almighty God.

    They are representing what is happening right now as being in the past. This is not only to make them selves feel better but to get you to buy their lies.

    This is all very real, except that I am the good guy, not these idiots.

    You need to realize that everything that happens in the movie will be happening, to YOU, very soon.

    You might have heard it here first, but I was the one that told you the truth.

    If you doubt what I’m telling you, find my google+ page. I don’t have all the special effects, but I do have the truth. That’s something that has never hindered them.

    Do not buy their bullshit lies!

    Call my attorney! Oh. I dont have one. Anybody know a good attorney?