Do you LOVE your DC Superheroes? Want to see inside them, literally? There’s a new line of figurines that’ll let you do that. The figurine line is XXRay which takes your favourite DC Superheroes and villains, and lets you really see what they look like inside, bones and all. This awesome figurine line is now in Malaysia, and they’re being distributed by The Loot Chest. And in conjunction with The Loot Chest’s 1st anniversary, they’ve given us a couple of these awesome figures to giveaway! Read on to find out how to win!

First, though, here’s a bit about the XXRay figurines by Mighty Jaxx. The figurine line focuses on popular comic characters (in this case, DC Superheroes and villains) in a super deformed state. And while this concept might not be the first, the XXRay line gives the figurines a slight twist, by exposing half the bodies of their figurines, showing the anatomical structures of the heroes and villains.

XXRay figurines are the brainchild of artist Jason Freeny, whose focus is on anatomical toy sculptures. His work has won numerous awards and aside from XXRay, some of his sculptural and illustration work has been the basis for several mass produced toys.

The XXRay line itself collectables by Mighty Jaxx, a Singapore-based studio that focuses on 3D design for art collectibles. The XXRay line itself has seen a good amount of success since its launch in Singapore and now, it’s finally here in Malaysia, thanks to their local distributor, The Loot Chest.

If you’re interested in getting the figurines, they are retailing for RM65 a figure. Where to get them? Here is a list of retailers that carry the XXRay figurines:

1. HeavyArm U Garage Store:
2. Hobby Shack:
3. Insprimart:
4. Metrojaya Midvalley & The Curve
5. More Toys:
6. My Toyz Collectibles:
7. Toy Panic:
8. Urban Tee:
9. Your Toy Story:

Of course, aside from buying them from the above retailers, you can also win them from us! Thanks to The Loot Chest, we have 10 of these awesome figurines to be given away.

Five lucky winners will be walking away with two figures each and all you have to do is join our contest below! Once the contest end on 11 February 2017, the five winners will be randomly picked, and they will be walking away with the following prizes:

1 winner for 1 x Batman and Joker XXRay Figurine

Batman and Joker XXRay

1 winner for 1 x Superman and Wonder Woman figurine

Superman and Wonder Woman XXRay

1 winner for 1 x The Flash and Green Lantern Figurine

the Flash and green lantern XXRay1 winner for 1x Cyborg and Deathstroke figurine

Cyborg and Deathstroke XXRay1 winner for 1 x Aquaman and Black Manta figurine

Aquaman and Black Manta XXRay

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and join now!

The Hyped Geek X Loot Chest XXRAY figurines giveaway