Our contest has concluded and we’ve finally picked our winners!

We had a huge heap of entries for this contest, but we could only select a few of you as winners so here are those few who gave us a good laugh with your answers (seriously, though some of your answers were so awesome I had a bit of a time picking through them).

For those who didn’t win, we will be having more contests like this in the future, so stay tuned!

Without further ado, here are the winners:

1st prize: (Aliff Irfan bin Kama)

  • 1x Nissa Nature’s Artisan deck
  • 1x Ajani Valiant Protector deck
  • 2x Aether Revolt Boosters

2nd prize (Alvin Ang)

  • 1x Chandra Pyrogenius deck
  • 1x Tezzeret Master of Metal deck
  • 1x Aether Revolt Booster

3rd prize (Yeow Kar Leng)

  • 1x Eldritch moon intro pack
  • 1x booster pack

Consolation prizes:

  • 2x Aether Revolt Booster (three prizes)
  • Farhan Ghazi
  • Amos Yee
  • Darshan Li Nair

Thanks everyone for joining! we will be contacting you all personally very soon via email on how to collect your prizes!

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