Perfect World announced the next generation MMORPG in China, World of Jade Dynasty after 10 years worth of research and development. The game ,which will be available on consoles as well as PC, is built with new in-house game engine which the developers codenamed it “Mirage Mirror” in loose translation. Effects such as long distance view, lighting, shadows, weather changes according to the seasons and 3D interactions have been upgraded by leaps and bounds.

Combination skill effect
Combination skill effect

As usual, players can expect massive PvP battles which include flying battleships inspired by ancient Chinese influences. According to the developer, the game is set to have multiple choices and endings for each quest and it is based on the player’s actions. Perfect World is boasting about “sandbox” elements, enabling players to make their own ideal world which sounds like a customized personal home.

To encourage more activity which translates into money making, there will be server versus server PvP based on the concept of “two worlds colliding” via a wormhole. The developers are teasing that these wormholes will bring players to secret places too but no further details on it just yet. Like Final Fantasy series, players can summon a titanic mystical beast to fight strong bosses via “combine” skills with other players. Perhaps they talking about formation of some sort?

The game will have a limited test run starting 23 June 2015 in China.

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