With Captain America: Civil War just around the corner we take a look back at the comic series the film takes its title from and, based upon what we know about it so far, take a look some of the differences expected in the books and film.

(NOTE: contains spoilers for Marvels’ Civil War comic series and rampant speculation on the plot of Captain America: Civil War so steer well clear if you want to remain completely spoiler-free for either)

Marvel’s Civil War series spanned a seven issue main series penned by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingman: The Secret Service)  and many, many tie ins across the entire Marvel line, from Amazing Spider-Man to X-Men to Moon Knight,  that eventually ran to over 100 issues. The main thrust of the series was the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America that resulted when a Super-Human Registration Act(SRA) was passed, forcing all super-humans to register with the government.

Surprisingly it was Cap who lead the anti-registration heroes against Tony Stark, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Tony attempted to round up all the heroes opposing the act using new, government sanctioned super-teams of those heroes in favour of the act. With the sheer number of heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe after decades of publishing and the huge battles that raged between them, the series really could make some claim to the title “Civil War” but with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe still so relatively new, how will the story be changed for the big screen?