Laughing gintama

Down and out? Need something to cheer you up. How about a dose of comedy courtesy of your favourite Japanese anime? We’ve compiled a list of anime (in no particular order) that’ll get your funny bone all tickled, and we’ve focused on notable ones being so funny that even newbies to anime are bound to at least crack a smile when they watch them. So, get ready to be entertained with our list of 10 must watch comedy anime!

1. Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

What happens when a cheesy pop song loving singer becomes the lead singer of a hugely popular Death Metal band? That’s the premise of Detroit Metal City. Protagonist Soichi Negishi is down on his luck but dreams of becoming a famous musician. But as we mentioned before, his choice in music is a bit suspect and would never elevate him beyond the level of a street performer.

Things change, however, when he finds himself roped to be the front man of Detroit Metal City, a Death Metal band who soon rises to fame thanks to Negishi’s talent. However, this isn’t something he too happy about, considering his taste in music.

The hilarity of Negishi’s situation where he is caught between two musical worlds and at the same time desperately falling in love is something that many of you will be constantly laughing at throughout this anime. Do take note though, some of the jokes are going to be a bit vulgar and a bit NSFW. You’ve been warned