Blockbuster movies 2017

In 2016, we got to watch Marvel and DC heroes beat the bejesus out of each other over misunderstandings, experience sci-fi space films which sometimes do not have explosions to settle its climaxes, and tune into some surprises like the beautifully-animated ‘Kubo and the Two Strings and the much-lauded anime Kimi no Nawa/Your Name. Despite the economy and political climate going on a downward spiral, it was truly a wondrous time for films.

So how will 2017 fare for cinemagoers? Well, we have a number of huge blockbuster films and a few new contenders that can outshine the previous year. Check out the full list of films that will pique our geek sensibilities.

Sci-fi, fantasy, animated shows, obligatory reboots: we’ve listed them all for your convenience!


1. Split

Split Movie

Release date: January 19

Turns out M.Night Shyamalan can’t screw up that much with movies. After dishing out bombs like After Earth and divisive films like The Visit, can the director make his thriller about a kidnapper with 23 split personalities work? The main actor is James “Professor X” McAvoy so maybe there’s hope yet!

2. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: Final Chapter

Release Date: January 26

It’s Alice (Milla Jovovich) versus a tonne of zombies and Umbrella Corporation mutants as this is the last stand for the humans in this final Resident Evil movie (or so they say) storyline. We still can’t believe this series has been ongoing and staying strong since 2002.