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If the best part of a video game or online game is the adrenaline thrill that comes with being incredibly close to winning, or being a winner, then chances are you might have a competitive streak. There are many games out there that are perfect for those who wish to play against the computer, or a group of like-minded friends.

One-on-one combat

Anyone who has ever played a round of Super Smash Bros. will know that combat games really do bring out a furious competitive streak. The reason for this is that it requires a combination of sharp reflexes with developed skill to really excel at these. Knowing all the tips, tricks and techniques required to defeat your opponent without so much as a scratch take a long time to practice. These games are also deceptively simple. For example, each character usually has its own set of strengths, weights and unique actions that require you to master them to fully take advantage of the benefits.

Casino games

There are wide variety of casino games that are available to those who not only enjoy the thrill of gambling, but also love strategy. Whether you want to play against the house or other players, your chances are partly down to the hand you’re dealt, and some nifty brain work to decide how best to use your hand in the circumstances. Visiting online casinos, such as don’t require you to leave the house or dress up in black tie.

Multi-player party games

Online and console games aren’t necessarily just for you and your fellow game-enthusiast friends. Multi-player party games are available on a multitude of platforms and can keep a number of people entertained – regardless of their gaming knowledge. Another side to these is that they bring out absolutely everyone’s competitive streak. There are the milder, trivia-style games and then there are the games that require a certain amount of skill and sharp reflexes. Anyone who has enjoyed a game of WarioWare with friends will know that your competitive streak will overtake you after just a few attempts. Be aware with hand-held consoles, however, as reflex actions can be a little on the dangerous side in group activities.


Despite what you might think, racing games are great for playing both by yourself and against friends. Playing against the computer or console by yourself first will develop your skills and teach you any shortcuts of tricks to deploy against other real-life players later. Racing games are almost synonymous with being competitive, with games such as Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bringing out the competitive side in almost anyone.

Being a competitive gamer doesn’t mean isolating yourself against other elite gamers. Seeing friends join in on your favorite games, and also generate their own competitive streak, can be gratifying, particularly if it’s your favorite game. Taking the time to refine your skills as a player may increase your ability, but it certainly won’t make you any less competitive.