Who can hate a Pokémon plushie? even more so when the plushies are extra, extra large? Hold on to your Snorlaxes, we’ve got a list of giant Pokémon plushies that you can now own, if your wallet can handle it.

 Giant Lapras

A relatively new addition to the family of huge Pokémon plushies, Lapras sadly isn’t big enough for you to ride the waves on. It’s still pretty big at 70 x 93 cm, it’s big enough for a little kid to play pretend. Personally, we’d like if someone came out with a life-sized rideable pool toy version, but this is good enough for now.

The giant Lapras goes for 27,000 yen (about RM 1049) from the official Pokemon Center online store.

Giant Ditto

Ditto, in all its pink, squishy amorphousness, certainly looks like the kind of Pokemon that would be comfortable to snuggle up with. To that end, Ditto was also given the giant plush treatment (well it’s technically a cushion but we’re not here to judge). Available from the official Pokémon Center store, it measures in at a pretty big at over 2 feet in length, it might actually be a lot bigger than an actual Ditto.

This monster Ditto will set you back USD$129.99 (about RM 579) and can be purchased here.

Jumbo Pikachu

Of course, we can’t leave Pokémon’s very own mascot, Pikachu. Coming in at a good 39 inches, this is one of the biggest officially available versions of our favourite electric mouse. If the regular version isn’t your jam, there’s a slightly smaller sleeping variant of the same, going for the same price. The sleeping one looks like it would be right at home on your bed or couch.

The Pikachus both come in at USD$249.99 (about RM1115) each and are available from the Pokemon Center online store.

Giant Snorlax plush

snorlax pillow

A staple for fans of oversized plushies, this not-quite lifesize version of the immovable snoozer is still big enough to block your path. From Premium Bandai, it’s large enough to almost serve as a bed for a child, or be a nice place to sit for any adult Pokémon fan, measuring in at 130cm x 150cm.

It will set you back a good 52,000 yen (RM 2025) and you can grab it here.

So which one of these plushies would you love to own for yourself? let us know in the comments!