Not too long back we posted about the four things we seriously loved about Comic Fiesta 2015, and now we’re here to talk about the stuff that didn’t go all that well. Here are (insert) things that could have been better at Comic Fiesta, after the jump.

1. The gaming sponsor booths/ministages

Having lots of sponsors isn’t a bad thing, cause sponsors mean the convention has more funds at their disposal to make it better. However, some of the sponsor stages in the middle of the hall did cause a bit of a problem when it came to their spectators; people watching the competition(s) ended up clogging the already crowded walkways and making the traffic situation worse.

This was the less crowded side of things

Some of the booths did prepare seating areas but they simply weren’t enough. Don’t get us wrong, the booths themselves were absolutely fine, but the placement might have been a bit better.