3. General lack of crowd control

Our main gaff with Comic Fiesta 2015 is probably the crowd, and the seeming lack of control thereof. While the hall was neatly divided into different sections, the crowd was moving in all directions, sometimes coming to a complete standstill in some places because of people coming in both directions. What makes this weird is that MIECC is a lot bigger than KLCC in terms of hall space and it still was a big mess.

This was especially bad at the merchandise booths and doujin area as there was no set direction of traffic; causing potential customers to be pushed away by the crowd. Helpers were around to help manage queues (with signage and the like) but generally was pretty chaotic, making it hard to look at things in the doujin area without either getting stuck or being pushed aside.

Traffic control for ticketing and outside the hall was pretty decent though!