Comic Fiesta 2015, the biggest Malaysian Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) convention, has come and gone, heralding the close of the year for all things ACG. Like all big events, there will always be challenges involved and no two years are ever alike. This year, Comic Fiesta (CF) made some bold moves in terms of location and planning, so lets take a look at some of the good things that CF had to offer this time round.

1. Location

Of all the places we’ve experienced CF (the writer has attended CF since 2007) the MINES International Exihibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) was possibly one of the best locations so far. Granted it was a bit out-of-the-way and, there was the epic jams on Day 1, it was pretty good in other aspects. There were food and necessities found in the nearby The MINES mall and when it came living arrangements for out-of-towners, there were two nearby hotels, MINES Wellness Hotel and Palace of the Golden Horses, to choose from.CF109

In terms of public transport, MIECC wasn’t as accessible as Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) but the KTM was but a short walk away, and if you were feeling adventurous, there’s also the water taxi that could ferry you up and around the MINES area.

We have to acknowledge that the parking was pretty atrocious, but then again, it does tend to get that way for most big conventions, regardless of location.