3. Wonder Woman

This was a tough decision for me to make, and probably a ballsy one. Wonder Woman isn’t nearly popular a character as Spider-Man. And, the DCEU isn’t doing that great at the box office either. Hey, say what you want about Batman V Superman – maybe you love it, maybe you don’t – the fact that a movie comprising of BATMAN AND SUPERMAN didn’t gross one billion USD at the box office is a troubling sign.

So, what on earth makes me think Wonder Woman has the slightest chance of beating Spider-Man: Homecoming at the box office?

Three reasons why I think Wonder Woman will beat Spider-Man: Homecoming at the box office:

  1. This is the first time we’ll be getting a female lead superhero movie on the big screen.
  2. After the less than satisfactory start of the DCEU, all eyes are on Wonder Woman to save this crumbling universe.
  3. Doctor said I’m not right in the head.

Prediction: 875 Mil USD