5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

Chew on this fact: gaming videos on YouTube are ranked second in terms of subscribers’ numbers with over 78 million viewers clicking ‘subscribe’. There are literally thousands of gaming channels out there but you don’t want to follow just ANY plain ol’ gaming channel do you? So which ones are actually worth your time?  Well we’ve picked the cream of the crop so you won’t have to spend too much time searching.



Seriously, if you’re a gamer and don’t know who Pewdiepie is, you must be living under a rock. He is considered one the most popular YouTubers with some of  the highest number of subscribers in the YouTube universe. How high? How about 24,425,794 by our last count. You read that right, it’s not VEVO, not any funky K-pop MTV channel, but a gamer that at the top of YouTube’s subscriber list. WOOT! Pewdiepie’s unique style – recording of his reactions coupled with some hilarious narration while playing through the games, provides endless entertainment no matter what genre he’s playing. We guarantee you’ll be watching video after video, that’s a promise.

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