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It’s finally here, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is out. After speculating and wondering what exactly will we be getting in the next Star Wars movie, the trailer gives us a glimpse of what to expect and raises a hell of a lot more questions as well.

Though we’re extremely excited that the new trailer is out and we get to see the look of the new film, the trailer just gives us more questions that just makes us impatient for the film to release. So hears what’s we’re wondering;

1. Will Leia die and does Kylo Ren kill her? 

Star Wars The Last Jedi Leia Death
So my own kid is going to kill me isn’t it?

In the trailer we see Kylo Ren narrating about forgetting the past and killing it. This is mixed in with him piloting a custom Tie Fighter and attacking Resistance ships.

It seems that Princess/General Leia seems to be in one of them and it is hinted that Kylo is in the midst of making a decision whether to kill her or not.

Considering Carrie Fisher’s death, there have been questions how she will be taken out of the movies and maybe this is just how, with Kylo finally taking her out and committing full parricide, killing both his parents.

2.  Who exactly is Rey?

Star Wars Last Jedi Rey
Who am I? What am I? How strong am i?

The trailer shows a couple of training sequences between Rey and Luke Skywalker but one thing to note is the latter’s reaction towards her Force powers.

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it is already hinted that Rey is extremely strong in the Force and the new trailer further expands on that, showing just what she can do that’ll even surprise Luke Skywalker himself.

How strong? To the point that it scares him. He even says “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me then. It does now.” While this may not exactly refer to Rey it also might since the scene is shown during her training sequence.

Which brings us the question, who exactly is Rey? To have that much strength in the Force, she should be a descendant of some powerful Force users as well. Many theories have been put forward from being Luke’s own child to even Obi-Wan Kenobi’s.

We surely won’t know until the movie is released and even then, our questions will not be answered yet.

3. Will Rey be tempted to join the Dark Side?

Star Wars Last Jedi Come dark side
Come join me in the Dark Side. Wait where have we seen this before?

Near the end of the trailer, we hear Rey saying she needs someone to show her place in all this and it cuts to a scene where Kylo Ren reaches out his hand as if offering her to join him.

Although this may have just been edited to confused viewers, there is that possibility that he really is offering Rey to join him. There’s even a scene where Snoke is telling someone to embrace their destiny which cuts to a scene of Rey being held by the Force.

If earlier reports saying that Luke Skywalker believes the Jedi should die are true, then it is possible that Rey might embrace that philosophy and continue her training in the Dark Side with Kylo and Snoke. Especially since she has no idea where she fits into the entire scheme of things.

4. Is Finn returning to the First Order?

Star Wars The Last Jedi Finn
Yo bro, you’re looking a bit Dark Sidey

We also finally get to see Finn in the trailer as well but this isn’t the upbeat, funny Finn we got to know in The Force Awakens. Instead, despite the short screen time he gets in the trailer, we see a darker Finn all decked out in what looks like a First Order officer’s uniform.

We could be wrong though as it also shows him going head to head with Captain Phasma earlier in the trailer. So it could also possibly be him being captured as he tries to infiltrate a First Order base, again.

The thing though is the way that sequence is fitted in, with Snoke’s talk about destiny, and then a panning shot to a First Order army and Finn walking with a Storm Trooper squad seems to foreshadow something. We’ll probably find out when the movie releases.

5. OMG what is a Porg and how can I get one? Does Chewbacca eat it after?

Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg
OMG that Porg is so cute. We want one!

Chewbacca appears really briefly in the trailer but that one brief moment is pretty memorable mainly because of that cute little creature that’s with him. That creature is called a porg and it is supposedly a native lifeform of Ahch-To.

They’ve already appeared in promotional materials for the movie as well as merchandise and we have to admit, they’re extremely adorable. As to what they are, it seems there’s a bit of disturbing information in some of the tie-in materials that describe them, including them being some sort of food source. (NOOOOO!) Let’s hope Chewie doesn’t decided to get hungry and nom on the little feller.

We’re pretty sure they’d make adorable plushies as well and no surprise that there are already plenty of plushy porgs out in the market to tie-in with the movie.

So there you have it, 5 questions raised from the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Does it get you pumped up for the movie? It certainly did for us and we just can’t wait till it releases in theatres.