3. Daredevil


Creators: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

What it’s about: Blind lawyer by day, vigilante with super senses by night, Matt Murdock has hit rock bottom before. This series is about how he got himself out of that rut

Why it’s great: Another lawyer-superhero title? Wait, don’t go! Before he took over the Daredevil title three years ago, the Man Without Fear was a morose, depressing superhero who had seen his fair share of tragedies. Then, along came Mark Waid, who instilled a sense of fun into the character, and gave him a better work-life-superhero balance by putting more focus on his personal life and career as a lawyer at the same time.

Recent events have seen Daredevil out-ting himself in court to get out of a slippery situation involving the Serpent Society, and subsequently moving the San Francisco to continue practicing law. Between this series and Charles Soule’s She-Hulk, lawyers have never been so much fun.