6. Moon Knight

moon knight

Creators: Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood

What it’s about: Marc Spector is the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khoonshu, and deals out his own brand of justice as the vigilante Moon Knight.

Why it’s great: Moon Knight isn’t just one hero. Sort of. Suffering from multiple personality disorder, Moon Knight was a cool hero with a cool costume that always seemed more than a little bit insane and was even referred to as a rip-off of Batman. The main reason this book is on this list is because of one man – Warren Ellis. The writer recently ended a six-issue run on the title that really not only redefined the character, but also a masterclass of gripping comic book writing, turning the title into a gritty crime fighting thriller that Batman would be proud of.

Brian Wood took over the title after Ellis left, and has continued in that vein, making Moon Knight one of the most compellingly written superheroes in Marvel’s stable right now.

So you see, although Marvel tends to generate a lot more hype for their big crossover events, big name characters and Hollywood movies, there ARE capable of delivering some really special titles that should, and will, redefine the way you think about superhero comics. Hopefully these are the Marvel titles that’ll restore your faith in the genre and come back for more. Next up, six DC titles you should read that are NOT Batman!

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