Drop everything you’re doing immediately because the new Wonder Woman trailer is HERE! Wonder Woman is set to be released on the 1st of June in what is shaping out to be one of the biggest movie events of the year. Regardless if you’re a comic book enthusiast, a casual movie goer, the back-alley hobo or a street cat, you simply cannot miss this movie. 

If that opening paragraph isn’t convincing enough, here are seven great things from the newest Wonder Woman trailer that will get you excited.

1. More from Diana as a kid

If you’re a sucker for origin stories like I am, you’re going to love the fact that a small portion of the film will be dedicated to young Diana and even younger Diana, before she becomes the ass-kicker that we know and love. In this trailer, we get another glimpse of her as a young child. And while most children spend their evenings playing in a sandbox and/or begging mommy for new toys, Diana spends her’s riding horses and asking her mom about what it takes to be a warrior. An absolute BADASS!

2. Excellent chemistry between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot

What’s even more important than dope looking action scenes are the characters. While we shouldn’t judge the movie based on its trailer, the chemistry between the lead characters does look promising, so far. Here, both Chris Pine and Gal Gadot exuberate excellent comedic timing, bouncing off each other to deliver hilarious lines. The standout being Diana saying, “To the war,” to which Steve Trevor says, “technically the war is that way… but we gotta go this way first.”

3. All the action scenes look great

What’s a fun comic book movie without some kickass action sequences? Every single action scene we’ve seen in the trailers thus far have been nothing short of spectacular. And this new trailer is no different. Whether it’s Wonder Woman stopping bullets and energy beams, Wonder Woman leaping in the air, hand to hand combats or even the training sequences, everything looks great.

4. THAT glorious leap

GOOSEBUMPS! Seriously, how badass is that leap? The last time we witnessed a leap this glorious was in The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 when Bruce Wayne escaped Bane’s pit. Here it seems as though Diana is going against her mother’s wishes, stealing the ancient weapons and helping Steve Trevor.

5. You don’t need to be a fighter to be a hero

Definitely one of the best moments in this new trailer. We see Diana in her complete costume stopping a bajilion bullets with her shield, just as we cut to the past where Diana’s mom tells young Diana, “you don’t need to be a fighter to be a hero.” It’s interesting to see the contrast between what Diana’s mom wanted her to become and the hero she goes on to be.

6. Doctor Poison confirmed

Finally, the trailer confirms what many fans probably already knew. “They call her Doctor Poison.” Holy sh*t!

Doctor Poison may not be as popular as some other DC villains like The Joker or Deadshot, but she’s still pretty important in the Wonder Woman lore. In the comics, Princess Maru who later goes on to be Doctor Poison was the leader of a Nazi spy ring who wreaked havoc in the US Army by contaminating the army’s water.

7. Ares blasts Wonder Woman?

Just like the soldiers shooting at Wonder Woman early on in the trailer, we later see Wonder Woman absorbing an energy blast of sorts with her gauntlets. We don’t really have a clue as to who or what is causing it, but my bet is on Ares.