I’m sure you’ve already watched the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer a million times. But what if I told you, there’s a brand new trailer that just dropped?!!

Well, if I told you that, I would be lying. However, ScreenCrush did edit the first teaser trailer and made a funny 80s style trailer. Check it out.

Thank God I wasn’t born in the 80s. Trailers these days are just so much more epic! Still, this is a nice little blast to the past and it really does well to capture the essence of the original trailers.

Speaking of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a promotional leaflet was distributed in Japan and it reveals some surprising information.

The leaflet states:

“The Most Shocking Truth In Star Wars History Will Soon Be Revealed!

A new generation’s tale of the struggles of light and dark, virtue and evil has begun with the death of Han Solo. In a Galaxy where First Order and the Resistance are fighting against each other in a war, the heroine, Rey, had the Force awaken within her.

What will happen to the galaxy when Rey and the only remaining Jedi knight, Luke Skywalker, meet? Kylo Ren has fallen to the Dark Side of the Force and killed his father, Han Solo. As a successor of his grandfather, Darth Vader, and a high-ranking enforcer in the First Order, where will his ambition lead him to?

Furthermore, Kylo Ren’s mother, the leader of the Resistance, Leia, Poe, Finn, and BB-8, will embark on a new mission! The story has finally begun and it will lead to a mysterious climax!

The most shocking truth? Even more shocking than Darth Vader’s famous “No, I am your father?” line from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back? Holy sh*t!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released in Malaysian cinemas on December 14 2017.