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Blame! and Knights of Sidonia will be getting sequels

If you've been clamouring for sequels to these animes, you're in luck! One of the directors of Polygon Pictures revealed that sequels to Blame! and Knights of Sidonia are...

Knights of Sidonia is back for second season

Tsutomu Nihei's work is receiving more love this year, namely a movie and Second Season of the Knights of Sidonia

Netflix has plans to spend $8 billion on developing original content

Netflix has big, big plans coming, what with the company intending to push a gigantic amount of cash into developing and producing original content...

Original Godzilla animated series roars on to Netflix

Netflix has just announced that they'll be bringing the King of the Monsters to their slate, with an exclusive global premiere following its theatrical release in...

Japanese fans vote in the most nefarious anime villains

Without a good villain, any story will fall flat on its face if the hero doesn't have his conflict. Be it a villain that look...

Netflix wants to eventually create anime

Netflix, known for producing and airing a wide variety of content, apparently wants to eventually produce anime. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings mentioned in an interview with...
Ajin Visual Key landscape

Ajin: Demi Human anime updates

Gamon Sakurai's sci-fi horror manga series Ajin: Demi Human/亜人 is set to be adapted into trilogy of movies and a TV series. The 13 episode...

Rumours of Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken anime?

Rumours of a possible Muv Luv anime have been floating around the internet

The Kodansha Manga Awards 2015 Announced

And the winners are....

These are the anime to watch for Spring 2015

Spring's here and we have our pick of anime to catch this season