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Star Trek Beyond Review

With Justin Lin taking over directorial reigns from J.J. Abrams, can Star Trek Beyond break the odd numbered film curse?
Star Trek Fan Event main

A night at the Star Trek Beyond and 50th anniversary Fan Event

Recently a fan event for Star Trek Beyond and the 50th Anniversary of the franchise was held in Paramount Pictures Studios. Here's what went down

New Star Trek Beyond details surface in set footage

If you've been wondering what the Enterprise was going to look like in Star Trek Beyond, these new videos show off the interior of...
Star trek beyond

The first Star Trek Beyond trailer makes a landing

Following Star Trek Into Darkness (which apparently wasn't all that great) Star Trek Beyond promises to be a whole heap better. As such they've...

Here’s a sneak peek at Star Trek Beyond’s new alien lead

Now we know how Captain Kirk's new love interest might look like.

Here’s the first official image from Star Trek Beyond

Now we have the first official image from new Star Trek movie and its actual title

The latest trailer for Star Trek: Beyond is here

Paramount Pictures have released a new trailer for the next Star Trek flick, Star Trek: Beyond and it gives a glimpse at the beginning...

Go Beyond the final frontier: New Star Trek: Beyond trailer

New Star Trek: Beyond trailer loses the Beastie Boys, slows down, and gives us a look at the human side of Trek. Fans were understandably worried...

A Timeline of The Future: The ultimate Star Trek timeline

Need to figure out the convoluted universe of the Star Trek series? We've prepared an ultimate Star Trek Timeline to help you

Following Anton Yelchin’s untimely death, Chekov will no longer be cast in future Star...

With the fourth Star Trek movie in progress, its a shame that one character will no longer be making an appearance. Following the untimely death...