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Neko Atsume is going Virtual Reality

Looks like we'll now get to collect cats in VR, because madly popular cat collection game Neko Atsume is heading to the PlayStation VR. While...

Samsung goes virtual reality with its new Gear VR

This headset will transform the Galaxy Note 4 into a virtual reality displaying machine. How's that for innovation?

Sony shows off new Project Morpheus VR headset

Sony pops out a new version of their PlayStation 4 powered virtual reality headset Project Morpheus.

Valve and HTC are making a VR set, the Vive

One of the biggest surprise in this year so far when unlikely alliance between HTC and Valve in making virtual reality headset, the Vive.

Technological Milestones in the Evolution of Online Gambling

Online gambling has made so many technological improvements from whence it started, as many other things on the internet. Today we’re going to take...

How to Help Your Loved One with Internet Addiction

The rapid development of computer technology and the Internet brought to our lives a new bad habit, in some cases even a disease, called...
machine learning

How Machine Learning is Impacting the World Around Us

Alongside topics like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), blockchain and cryptocurrency, and self-driving cars, machine learning has also been heralded as a big...
nintendo china 1

Nintendo Shatters the Great Gaming Divide with China Deal

The video games world has always been fiercely competitive. In fact, thanks to competing interests from rival developers and manufacturers, the rate of evolution and...

Overlord’s second season hits January next year

The Overlord anime is set to come back with a brand new season next year! The news dropped on the Animate store's official Twitter account, featuring...

You can now marry your VR waifu in a Tokyo Chapel

If you're familiar with romance games and dating simulators, you'll know that the genre is making its steady crawl up to VR. Now you'll...