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You’ll soon be able to watch HDR videos on YouTube

Not too long ago YouTube adopted 4K content and then 360 video, now they've finally added HDR videos to their list of supported content...

Youtube Gaming is finally live in Malaysia!

YouTube Gaming is finally going to be live across Malaysian devices as the service rolls out for the country today. So far, YouTube Gaming has...
scare pewdiepie

Check out the teaser for YouTube Red’s Scare PewDiePie series

One of YouTube Red's first series is here, in the form of a teaser. Scare PewDiePie, a horror reality show which is exclusively available...
copyright strike youtube

YouTube is finally fixing their copyright system

YouTube's copyright system has given more than one YouTube creator a headache, and they're finally doing something about it. For those not in the know,...

Japanese video and content might be region blocked due to YouTube RED

Many Japanese YouTube channels are becoming region blocked due to concerns of YouTube RED – a paid subscription service that allows viewers to watch...

Youtube now supports 360 degree videos

You can now watch 360 degree videos on YouTube!

5 free gaming documentaries on YouTube

Grab your popcorn and maybe that Blizzard plushie of yours. We've got 5 full documentaries for you to watch on YouTube
5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

Need some gaming Youtube goodness? We recommend 5 of the best game related channels

Basic Poker Strategies to Give You the Edge

Movies, television shows and blogs may tell you that the difference between a good poker player and a great poker player is confidence. Many...

This Pikachu lamp is here to light up your life

We're certainly no stranger to Pikachu shaped and inspired merch, with Nintendo's Pokemon mascot almost being the literal face of the company...