the lion king disney reboot

Disney has been on a mission to turn almost all their classic animated movies into live-action versions. We’ve already seen Cinderella, Malefecent and The Jungle Book, with Beauty and the Beast in the works as well. Now, another classic Disney animation will be getting it’s live action remake, The Lion King.

And who’s the man that’ll be in the director’s chair for this remake? Iron Man and The Jungle Book helmer, Jon Favreau. Disney confirmed Favreau’s appointment in a recent announcement and it shouldn’t be surprised that the director/actor has been picked considering the US$965.8 million success that his last movie, The Jungle Book, had.

Also considering the full animal cast that The Lion King has, Favreau’s experience directing the breathtaking The Jungle Book will definitely have played a part in him being chosen as director.

For now, no further details of the “reimagining” of this classic Disney animation has been released but we’re hoping we can once again here the voice acting chops of James Earl Jones as Mufasa.