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After 12 years, Toho has finally decided to make a new Godzilla movie. Yep, this isn’t some Hollywood remake, it’s the original Studio that’s going to making this movie and they’ve already started filming in Japan.

The title of the movie, together with main cast and crew has also been announced and it’ll be called Shin Gojira. While it could mean New Godzilla, according to Executive Producer Akihiro Yamauchi, the movie is not a “revival” or “rebirth” of Godzilla. Instead it could also be translated to “God Godzilla” or “True Godzilla” and various other connotations.

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And it’s not only the fact that a JAPANESE Godzilla movie is in the works, it’s also who is helming the whole project as chief director. Who better to oversee the stomping around of a giant kaiju then one who is well known for directing animated, giant mecha and monsters, Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame. Anno isn’t the only director though as he’ll also be sharing directorial duties with the Attack on Titan live action movie director, Shinji Higuchi (ok this one has us a bit worried).

Anno will be serving as the chief director and writer for the movie while Higuchi will directing the new film and serve as the special effects director. Hopefully with the latter, we won’t get a train wreck like the Attack on Titan film that was just out recently.

From left: Yutaka Takenouchi, Hiroki Hasegawa and Satomi Ishihara
From left: Yutaka Takenouchi, Hiroki Hasegawa and Satomi Ishihara

As for the main cast, two members of the live-action Attack on Titan movie has been casted. Hiroki Hasegawa who played Shikishima and Satomi Ishihara who played Hans/Hanji. Hasegawa’s character will be playing a character that’s linked to Japanese government while Ishihara will play an American agent. Also cast was Yutaka Takenouchi who also plays a character that is linked to the Japanese government.

Curious about the story? There’s little to go by at the moment but according to Japan’s Sankei Sports’ source, it’ll be set in modern day Japan and with the Americans involved. And how about the big old kaiju himself? It seems that this Godzilla will be the biggest one yet, with a screen height that’s going to tower above the 108-meter tall Hollywood version of 2014. Director Higuchi himself has also hinted that this will be the scariest Godzilla movie yet.

Filming of the movie has already started since August this year and is expected to wrap up by October. The film will be using a hybrid of actors moving through miniatures, much like the early Godzilla films, computer graphics and special effects (please not too much).

Toho is expected to release the film in summer 2016 and if you want to keep up with the developments, just watch this space or head over to their official site here.

Source: Anime News Network

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