Takara Tomy is breathing new life into ZOIDS, announcing a brand new project on their new website.

The teaser doesn’t let on much besides that there’s a new ZOIDS project in the works that’s “coming soon”. The image shows off a Lion-type Zoid Shield Liger with a male soldier. Given the quality of the image (realistic vs. anime style) it could be hinting towards a live-action adaptation of sorts but we won’t hold our breath on it.

TOMY launched the original line of Zoids model kits in 1983, and Michiro Ueyama drew the line a 14-volume manga series in 1991-2001 which was then released in English by Viz Media.

That in turn, inspired the ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Zoids/ZERO, Zoids: Fuzors and Zoids Genesis over the next few years. The series also has a bunch of video games across PC, console, mobile and arcade platforms as well.

So is it high time for a live-action movie adaptation? only time will tell.