If you’re a huge fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, there’s a new fashion line inspired by the anime that’s releasing this week. Fashion label earth music & ecology is once again collaborating with the makers of the anime to create a line inspired by Madoka and Homura. Check it out here.

Previously, the brand had produced a line of clothings based on the Rebellion Story version of Madoka Magica last year, with the line carrying fashions inspired by the main cast of the anime.

The clothing line will be released in two waves, the first one on 28 November and the second on 5 December. It will include cardigans, shoulder bags, skirts, a dress and turtlenecks inspired by themes in the anime. There will even be a pair of rings directly inspired by Homura and Madoka respectively, coming in both silver and gold varieties.

The second wave will have hoodies, a knapsack and tote available in five different colours as well as hooded jackets which appear to have the character’s themes on them. The line will run from between 4,990 to 17,090 yen (about RM 174-596) depending on the item.

And if this doesn’t impress you, there’ll always be Sailor Moon inspired fashion if you can manage to nab it.

You can check most of the line out below: