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With the first in a series of six new Digimon movies coming this year, we can barely wait for the November launch date. As the original cast of the Digi-destined will be the main stars of the movies, their partners will be back too.

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Lucky for us, MegaHouse is releasing a set of extremely accurate (and not to mention adorable) figurines of our favourite Digimon both in their Rookie and In-training phases that will be the first wave of toys in a series of Digi-Kore (Digimon collection). The set will feature Agumon, Palmon, Patamon and Gomamon with their training forms Botamon, Koromon, Tokomon and Poyomon alongside Pichimon and Bukamon.

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The pre-painted figures will be going on sale in September for 600 yen (about RM 17) a piece with a whole set of all eight figures to be available shortly. If you don’t already see your favorite Digimon, this is only the DATA1 set of figurines and MegaHouse is sure to eventually produce most if not all the iconic Digimon from the first anime.

We do need to mention that the figures pair up perfectly with the already available G.E.M series Digimon figurines so you might want to pick those up too.

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