Hinowa Conquers main

It hasn’t been too long since Akame Ga Kill ended its manga run. Some of us were pretty sad to see the series end but now it seems that it isn’t the last we’ve seen of the titular character Akame. A new manga series has been announced by the Akame Ga Kill mangaka Takahiro and it looks very likely to be a sequel the the hugely popular manga/anime.

The new manga is called Hinowa ga Yuku! roughtly translated to Hinowa Conquers! and was announced in the June issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine. While the details of the manga itself doesn’t explicitly say that it is a sequel of Takahiro’s previous work, Akame ga Kill, the image provided does show Akame or at least someone that look VERY MUCH like Akame together with the new characters of the manga.

As for what the new manga is about? It’s set in a distant eastern country called Wakoku where battles for the survival of the fittest have lasted a century. The titular character Hinowa is an obscure girl caught in the midst of the upheaval and with resolve in her heart, she will tear these chaotic times asunder.

Akame ga Kill recently ended its manga run back in December 2016 after an almost six-year serialisation run, starting in 2010. It spawned an anime in 2015, and a prequel manga called Akame ga Kill! ZERO which is currently ongoing and will likely reach its climax soon.

The new Hinowa ga Yuku! manga will be launched with artist strelka’s art in the July issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan on June 24.