As Alien: Covenant, the latest entry in the Alien franchise, lands in cinemas this month,  Iain McNally takes a look back at the previous seven entries in the Alien franchise, ranking them from worst to best.

As usual, these are subjective lists so if you disagree, do let us know if the comments or on our Facebook page.

7. Worst: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

A secret invasion of Earth by Aliens and Predators,  taking place well before the main entries in the series, could have formed the basis for a decent Alien movie.

Alien vs. Predator Requiem is not that movie.

AVPR goes all out to earn it’s R-rating from the start, offing a dad and his young son with a face hugger attack setting the tone. No one is safe in this movie.
After such a strong choice it’s a pity the film can’t follow through, introducing an entire village worth of idiots and failing for most of it’s running time to decide who the main protagonists are. An ex-con, an army mum, the pizza delivery guy, the girl next door, a trio of bullies, the sheriff in over his head, the characters are every bit as faceless as the Alien warriors they face.

AVPR is dark, and I’m not talking about the themes or violence. It’s hard to see what’s going on most of the time. Nearly all of the fights between the Aliens and the “Wolf Predator” take place in dim sewers or at night so you can’t make out what’s happening!

Even the addition of some lines from older, better movies (“get to the chopper”? Really?) and some hilariously abrupt deaths at the end can’t make up for a Predator who clearly can’t see the buttons on his gauntlet, walks blindly into trouble and the terrible idea that is the Predator/alien hybrid the “predailien”.

They all deserve to die.