The mecha in question
The mecha in question

Ah, who doesn’t dream of piloting a mecha to save a world? Or just for the sake of having a really cool giant robot in your back yard?

Amazon Japan is listing the closest thing to a mecha you could get, the Kuratas. If you have US$1 million to spare, this baby could be yours. It is a huge, pilot-able mecha for people who dream to be next Amuro Ray or Char Azanable. This marvel comes with BB Gatling guns that can spit 6000 rounds per minute with “a smile”.

It weights a good five tons and stands around 3.8 meters tall. However, Amazon did state that this machine will not come with the BB Gatling gun in certain countries (due to airsoft laws) and purchaser will have to assemble the mecha by themselves. The machine has netizens buzzing with excitement few years back with this video and it did make a brief appearance in the live action Patlabor movie as the Labor that is running amok.

However, if money is no object and did not mind spending time to reassemble the mecha, feel free to pop by the Amazon page here.

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