Over thirty years since the original series came out, Robotech is getting another chance to hit the big screens thanks to Sony, and word has it that they’ve just brought It reboot director Andy Muschietti on board for the project.

Alongside Muscheietti is his creative partner (and sister) Barbara Muscheietti, who will produce alongside Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton.

Robotech is one of the handful of iconic mecha/giant robot animes out there and it was originally aired in the US in 1985. The series actually started off as three separate series in Japan in the form of Macross Saga, The Masters and New Generation, but due to American syndication practices, the whole lot kinda got mish-mashed into its own series to fill up the 85 episode quota. Since then, the series has birthed five movies, four games (on console) and innumerable toys, collectibles and art books.

Hopefully, this reboot will be able to stand up to expectations!